Thursday, July 07, 2011

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If you are getting ready for a summer wedding you may be wondering,
“What will I wear”.

To look and feel your best choose a simple suit or a dress in a solid color - pastel colors are best for summer if you happen to look great in light colors. If you look better in darker colors instead of baby blue for example, choose periwinkle blue or aqua.

Wearing black to a wedding was once regarded as being in poor taste, but not anymore. If you decide to wear black don’t wear the skirt extra short or deep plunging necklines – this is not the time to look sexy. Be nice to the bride and don’t wear white.

Wear shoes that are comfortable but delicate. This is not the time to wear new shoes. You’ll want your feet to feel comfortable so you can dance and have fun.

Make sure your makeup is light – no bold colors – keep it simple. If you are not used to wearing makeup get it done by a professional. Your hair should also be well-groomed. If you’re over 40 it shouldn’t fall below the shoulders unless you look amazingly young for your age.

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