Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Styles for every Body Shape

Color Blocking- Every shape can wear this look. If you are short, you can use color blocking to lengthen your body. For example, the orange skirt creates the illusion of height, by creating a longer lower body.  To create a color blocked look combine blocks of solid color. This can include bright colors, complimentary colors, contrasting or monotone colors. You can add the color with shoes, handbags and accessories to create the look.

Draping - If you do not have many curves this look will work well for you. If you already have curves opt for minimal ruching and lighter fabics. This look works well to conceal love handles without looking frumpy.

White Suit- Labor Day wasn't yesterday, so pull out the white suit for a great evening look. A white suit looks classy and elegant. Remember to make sure you wear the right fit to achieve a polished look.  A white suit is a good investment because you can always pair the pants or blazer with another color and create a whole new look.

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