Friday, July 15, 2011

Kate and Pippa Step out with Class

When Pipa Middleton stepped out of the Montana Club, she started a debate of whether or not it was a fashion faux pas to wear pantyhose. Pipa is a classy lady like her sister and knows how to look her best. It seems like ladies have ditched the tights since the 80's but it doesn't mean that they were ever out of style.

Bare legs are acceptable in certain situations but generally you should always wear pantyhose. When your legs are bare your look becomes very casual. Never go to work with bare legs because it is not professional.

Many women don't wear pantyhose because they find them uncomfortable. You just need to shop around until you find a brand and fit that works for you. Also your pantyhose may not be comfortable because you are not wearing the right size. Opt for choosing a size a little larger than what the package label indicates should fit your weight and size. Wearing pantyhose is not only classy and professional, it gives your legs an even look, hiding imperfections.

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