Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Shoe Styles

The newest trend this summer is color blocking. If you feel that wearing bright, bold, colors is a trend that is too loud of a look for you, you can add blocks of color with a pair of shoes. Blocked shoes work well when wearing solid colors or can be matched to your overall outfit for a bold look.
Everyone has a favorite color so why not get a pair of shoes in the color that you love.  A great pair of colored shoes adds instant pop to a plain or neutral colored outfit. So although it's important to own a great pair of black shoes, go out and get a great pair of pink or red shoes too.

Create a fun and flirty look with a pair of floral print shoes. These shoes are a perfect way to get in the spirit of summer.

Wild, exotic prints are showing up everwhere....skirts, dresses and on shoes. These shoes work great with a summer dress or pair them with a printed top or skirt.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kate and Pippa Step out with Class

When Pipa Middleton stepped out of the Montana Club, she started a debate of whether or not it was a fashion faux pas to wear pantyhose. Pipa is a classy lady like her sister and knows how to look her best. It seems like ladies have ditched the tights since the 80's but it doesn't mean that they were ever out of style.

Bare legs are acceptable in certain situations but generally you should always wear pantyhose. When your legs are bare your look becomes very casual. Never go to work with bare legs because it is not professional.

Many women don't wear pantyhose because they find them uncomfortable. You just need to shop around until you find a brand and fit that works for you. Also your pantyhose may not be comfortable because you are not wearing the right size. Opt for choosing a size a little larger than what the package label indicates should fit your weight and size. Wearing pantyhose is not only classy and professional, it gives your legs an even look, hiding imperfections.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Styles for every Body Shape

Color Blocking- Every shape can wear this look. If you are short, you can use color blocking to lengthen your body. For example, the orange skirt creates the illusion of height, by creating a longer lower body.  To create a color blocked look combine blocks of solid color. This can include bright colors, complimentary colors, contrasting or monotone colors. You can add the color with shoes, handbags and accessories to create the look.

Draping - If you do not have many curves this look will work well for you. If you already have curves opt for minimal ruching and lighter fabics. This look works well to conceal love handles without looking frumpy.

White Suit- Labor Day wasn't yesterday, so pull out the white suit for a great evening look. A white suit looks classy and elegant. Remember to make sure you wear the right fit to achieve a polished look.  A white suit is a good investment because you can always pair the pants or blazer with another color and create a whole new look.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

If you are getting ready for a summer wedding you may be wondering,
“What will I wear”.

To look and feel your best choose a simple suit or a dress in a solid color - pastel colors are best for summer if you happen to look great in light colors. If you look better in darker colors instead of baby blue for example, choose periwinkle blue or aqua.

Wearing black to a wedding was once regarded as being in poor taste, but not anymore. If you decide to wear black don’t wear the skirt extra short or deep plunging necklines – this is not the time to look sexy. Be nice to the bride and don’t wear white.

Wear shoes that are comfortable but delicate. This is not the time to wear new shoes. You’ll want your feet to feel comfortable so you can dance and have fun.

Make sure your makeup is light – no bold colors – keep it simple. If you are not used to wearing makeup get it done by a professional. Your hair should also be well-groomed. If you’re over 40 it shouldn’t fall below the shoulders unless you look amazingly young for your age.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Handbag Rules: How to Choose the Perfect Handbag

Accessories should be chosen with care and handbags are no exception. The right handbag can add instant pizazz to your look. Smart women choose their handbags carefully and consciously match them with their outfit. Every woman should have at least one good quality classic handbag in a neutral color. This handbag shouldn’t stand out as being in the latest style but shouldn’t be outdated either. Here are other tips:

1. Your bag should match your outfit. This means that printed or embellished bags should be worn with plain colors. For example, if you are wearing a plain brown jacket and plaid brown pants the handbag you carry should be in a plain color. Any sort of decoration on a bag will clash and look gaudy.

2. Your bag should also match your outfit in weight. Heavy bags should be worn with heavy clothing and lighter bags with lighter clothing. Your bag should also match your outfit in style as well. For example, a casual bag goes with casual clothes.

3. Your bag should be in proportion with your size. Large women look better carrying large bags and small women look better with smaller bags. A small woman will be over powered with a large bag as large women will appear larger carrying a tiny bag. To make sure your bag is proportion to your size look in the mirror.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Vacation Essentials

When it comes time for a weekend getaway, make sure you pack your bags with a few fashion essentials. Make sure you pack a few clothing pieces that you can wear with other clothing items, such as a good pair of solid color pants or shorts.

 Also, it is always a great idea to bring clothing that you can layer, such as a sweater and a tank top. This way you can have a look for the day and evening. Most importantly, make sure you pack sunscreen to help protect you from the hours you will spend basking in the sun, while listening to your favorite songs.