Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Take the Test to Discover your Shoe Personality!

Choose either A, B, C or D in each category. Choose the the style that you most likely would wear. Then read below to discover what your shoe style says about you!

If you chose mostly A's your Shoe Personality is Dramatic. The Dramatic personality loves prints, bold colours and isn't afraid to stand out. The Dramatic personality puts fashion before comfort and even the highest of heels are not off limits.     CELEBRITY DRAMATIC STYLE: Kim Kardashian

If you chose mostly B's your Shoe Personality is Sporty
The Sport personality chooses shoes that are functional for busy days on the go.
You need shoes that are not going to slip off your feet and have good soles.
CELEBRITY SPORTY STYLE: Rhianna and Drew Barrymore

If you chose mostly C's your Shoe Personality is Romantic
The Romantic personality is attracted to floral and lacy prints and glamourous styles. The Romantic personality likes lightweight and soft fabrics.
CELEBRITY ROMANTIC STYLE: Jessica Alba and Stephanie Spencer

If you chose mostly D's your Shoe Personality is Casual
The Casual personality chooses shoes that are practical and functional for more than one occasion. Casual shoe personalities love shoes that are comfortable but fashionable.

Post by J.C.


  1. Very nice post for all fashion freaks and shoe lovers out there, very helpful for people who are not sure about which style suits them the most. Hoping to see more posts from you soon!

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