Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 Fashion Faux Pas

1. Trapped in the Past:

If you are holding on to clothes or hairdos from the past that you can’t let go, now is the time to give them up. Worst yet, if you have a closet full of clothes that you haven’t worn in years that you keep telling yourself you will fit into again you are deluding yourself. Your wardrobe will never be functional until you purge yourself of all outdated and ill-fitting items.

2. Devaluing and Judging:

Stylish, well-dressed women come in different heights, shapes and sizes. Unlike her counterpart who frets over not fitting into the ‘perfect’ dress size, a well-dressed, confident woman takes care of the body she was born into and buys clothing styles that complement it. Comparing your body to how it looked twenty years ago or to the latest ‘hot’ model or actor is not only a fashion disaster; it is also a recipe for depression. Beauty is an inside job and women who are not on a quest for perfection automatically become more attractive.

Right now, stop waiting to lose those extra pounds or rid yourself of those new facial lines before you can buy that wow outfit; embrace who you are and the body you have. Treat your body with respect, dress it with appreciation, live in the present and stop worshiping unrealistic expectations.

3. Denial:
There are quite a few women who a have deluded themselves into believing that appearance is not important. For some reason they have equated looking great with selfishness. Dressing your body is an act of self care and it shows that you appreciate yourself and your body enough to make it look as good as it can. Clothes are a necessity– we can’t go out without them. It makes sense then, to take care and put effort into choosing the best styles, colors and fabrics that make us feel wonderful.

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