Thursday, April 28, 2011

Look Fabulous in Minutes

What does it take to look fabulous? Having lots of money? Lots of clothes? They both help, but having lots of money and clothes will not guarantee a great look. What will guarantee a fabulous look is paying attention to details.

Women who look incredible pay attention to details. They take the time to get to know their body shape, their coloring, which styles work well together and they know themselves – they are not swayed by the latest trend. They know what they like and what they don’t like; they know what looks great on them and what doesn’t.

To look fabulous all of the time start by doing a little self-examination. Look into your past to find out what styles you have felt the most comfortable wearing. Do like to wear pants or skirts? What clothing choices does your lifestyle dictate? Where do you spend the most time? At home with children? At the office? Home office? Leisure activities? Spending a little time up front in self-examination will guarantee that you will be able to pull together a confident, fabulous look in minutes.

Where Do You Spend The Most Time?

Make a list of how you spend your time. How much is spent at work, in leisure activities, with children, etc. The type of clothing you own should reflect your lifestyle. If you spend 9 hours of your day in a professional setting then 60 percent of your wardrobe should be professional. If you spend 2 hours a day in leisure activities then approximately thirteen percent of your wardrobe should be for leisure. Many women who have problems finding the right outfit to wear every morning make the same mistake – they buy an outfit they like, but that outfit does not fit their lifestyle. For example, if your wardrobe is mostly leisure and you work in a professional setting when you get dressed every morning it will seem that nothing is appropriate.

What Are You Most Comfortable Wearing?

Choose styles that fit well and feel comfortable. Choosing a garment because it is the latest fashion or because it looks great on someone else will lead to closet distress. When you love the styles you’ve chosen, they feel great and look great on you, getting dressed will be a breeze. You won’t find yourself sorting loads of clothing only to find fault which almost every piece.

Which Styles and Colors Look Best On You?

Take a little time to find out your best colors and only buy garments in those colors. It doesn’t matter if your best friend looks great in lime green; if it washes you out, then don’t wear it. The right colors make an amazing difference to how your skin appears and how good you look.

Experiment with styles (maybe get some expert advice) to decide which styles best suit your body type. For example, some women have wide hips and some have narrow hips. A flare skirt creates the look of wider hips; therefore the flare will be great for a lady with narrow hips but will make the lady with wide hips look wider. As you can see, knowing how a certain style affects your shape will help you make wiser choices.

You’re Ready To Go

It will take a little time up front to get in tune with yourself and discover your best looks; however, the payoff is huge. When you know your best styles and colors, shopping is much easier and you won’t spend money on garments that will hang in your closet forever. Getting dressed will no longer be a chore and you’ll look fabulous in minutes. After all, the hard work is done.

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