Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Does Your Necktie Fit Properly?

To ensure your tie fits properly start with a shirt that fits well. Your shirt collar should be loose enough for comfort but snug enough to sit well. The perfect fit for a shirt collar will allow enough room to fit a finger between the collar and your neck. Your shirt collar should feel comfortable.

• Your tie should end about an inch above your belt buckle

• The tie knot should not force up the tips of your shirt collar

• The inverted triangle of the tie knot should fit neatly into the triangle created by your shirt collar.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

7 Fashion & Beauty Tips for Busy Women

1. Preparation – Think ahead and have an outfit ready for every occasion – especially those of an unexpected nature. You never know when you will have to show up for some unplanned event. If you haven’t prepared you’ll have nothing to wear. For example, if you were invited on short notice to a wedding or a special event would you have something suitable in your closet? Would you have the right accessories? The right color hose?

2. Streamline Your Wardrobe - Start by keeping only those clothes in your closet that you wear. Get rid of anything that you have not worn in a year and store clothes that are off-season. Secondly, organize your wardrobe so you can easily see items that go together or put one or two outfits together on one hanger for those times that you are in a hurry.

3. Wear the Right Colors – You will look healthier and more vibrant instantly when you wear colors that suit your skin tone.

4. Don’t Forget Makeup – Would you make a birthday cake and not decorate it? Don’t dress up and not wear makeup. A touch of makeup is the ‘icing on the cake’ of a well groomed woman.

5. Get a Great Hairstyle – A great hairstyle is one that suits your face shape, is a color that complements your skin tone and is easy to maintain.

6. The Mirror Test – Before you leave home check your image in a full length mirror to get a head-to-toe look and make sure that everything is in place.

7. A Great Attitude – Don’t leave home without it. How you react and how you think are portrayed by your attitude. You can look picture perfect but if you don’t treat people with respect how you look doesn’t matter.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Looking Great

When women head to the shopping malls with a pocket full of money they go with the intention that the new outfit (s) they purchase will make them look terrific. Sometimes they will find that special outfit but more often than not they purchase garments that they like at the moment but get home only to find it doesn’t match anything else they own, it doesn’t fit well or they’re not sure why they bought in the first place. As a result wardrobes contain only a few items we wear (usually 20%), shopping becomes a chore and finding the right outfit a matter of luck.

How can this experience be changed?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 Tricks to Look Slimmer - The Art of Creating Illusions

What comes to mind when you think of ‘creating illusions?’ If you’re like most people you probably think of magicians and tricks. Illusions are created with art, photographs and with clothing. Don’t underestimate how much better you can look simply by wearing the right combination of lines. No matter what your size, choosing clothing with flattering lines will make your body look better instantly.

If you’ve gained a few pounds over the holidays that you’d like to hide while you are in the process of getting rid of them, I have a few ideas you can use to trick the eye and make you appear slimmer.

1. Lines: The eye naturally follows lines and all clothing has lines. The lines in clothing are necklines, pockets, sleeves, hems, etc. For example, a sweater that has v-neckline will draw the eye downward creating a long line, the look of a longer neck, longer face and slimmer upper body. By contrast a turtleneck creates a short, horizontal line that stops eye and makes the face appear fuller, the upper body bigger and the neck shorter. Using this concept alone you can create a slimmer upper body by sticking to tops with vertical lines that create the look of length; and by stashing the turtlenecks until you feel a little slimmer.

2. Color: A basic rule of color is that black recedes and white advances. In clothing this is important because it means that darker colors will make the wearer appear smaller and lighter clothing will make the wearer look larger. Wearing black to look slimmer is a trick that has sometimes been over used. Black does have a slimming effect but too much black can be dreary and create a washed out look if the proper makeup is not worn.

Sometimes women who want to look smaller try squeezing into a smaller size which defeats the purpose. Tight clothing will always make you look larger. It is much more flattering to wear clothing that fits well and glides over the body rather that sticking to it. Wear dark colors on the places you want to appear smaller but be sure not to wear them tight. For example, if you are a triangle shape with a larger lower body than upper body and you want your lower body to appear smaller, wear a light color top with dark pants or skirt. For an overall taller and slimmer look, dress in the same color (or shades of the same color) from head to toe.

3. Proportion and Scale: A simple explanation of proportion and scale is that an object seen next to other objects appears either larger or smaller depending on the size of the objects that appear next to them. The size of a handbag in relation to the woman carrying it is a good example of this. A large woman carrying a small handbag will appear larger. To avoid looking larger when wearing prints, keep them in proportion to your size.

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