Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beauty from the Inside Out

Are you tired of trying diet after diet and either not being able to lose or losing weight and gaining it back?

Since we all know that diets don’t work wouldn’t you like to learn how reach a weight where you feel comfortable, healthy and in love (or at least ‘like’) with your body without having to give up or drastically cut down your eating?

I am offering a wonderful program that will help you learn more about how to get your body healthy and in the condition you want and help you overcome any obstacles that are associated with getting you there.

The goal of the group is to provide a safe place to meet, learn, set goals and get motivation in attaining a healthy body weight and learn how to feel good about the body you have.

The group coaching class will consist of six interactive sessions that will occur over the telephone with a small group of ten people. Sheila will create a supportive learning environment that will provide participants with the opportunity to explore together issues of reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight, being in good physical condition and having a healthy body image.

You, as a participant, will be guided through a participatory process of exploring where you are presently, clarifying desired outcomes, identifying the obstacles to success and establishing an effective action plan to move ahead.

How it works:
You will meet other participants via a group forum ahead a few days before the conference begins.

You will be emailed a teleconference phone number to call at a specified time, once a week for six weeks, where you will be greeted by me and the group. Each week I will bring information regarding a specific topic to the group and you, along with all participants will have the opportunity ask questions and express your relationship to the topic.

The teleconference offers the benefit of coming to the group as casual as you want in the comfort of your own home or office.

*Important The group is limited to ten participants; therefore, in order to maintain an effective group coaching experience I am accepting participants who are:

Dedicated ( who will attend all sessions, participate and set goals)

*Topics: Exercise and How it Works, Getting and Staying Motivated, Reducing Stress, Eliminating Extra Calories Easily, How to fall in Love with Your Body, Beauty from the Inside Out

Fee: $97 for 6 weeks, one one-hour session per wk (introductory fee).
Regular price is $300

Meeting Dates: January 10, 17 &24 February 7, 14 &21 - 2009

Will Meet: Saturdays, 12 noon, EST

Sign Me Up

This group is closed. If you'd like to put your name on a waiting
list for the next one please email me at

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