Monday, July 14, 2008

Effortless Dressing

Effortless Dressing means three things:

#1 means knowing how to shop to get the pieces that look great on you, you feel comfortable wearing, and doing it without stress. Many women, who dress well, do it at a cost. Others buy a lot of clothes but never feel they look good. They use excess energy and excess money. They create stress by buying the latest fashions as they are presented in the department store without knowing if the style is suitable for them. Even if the styles look great on them, and they seldom do, what happens with this method of shopping is being left with outfits that will grow old quickly and require that a whole new wardrobe be bought the next season. Lots of money gets spent with little to show for it. If the pieces weren’t the right style or fit, these pieces are hung in the closet never worn.

Many women like to shop for clothes but only when clothes fit properly and they know what will look great on them. Shopping is not a pleasure when nothing fits and you are unsure of suitable styles.

Knowing how to shop (to get what you want and need) will set you up with a closet full of clothes that you will love to wear.

# 2, means deciding in advance your best styles, your fashion personality and your lifestyle needs. When you know the styles that look best on you, your fashion personality and your lifestyle needs you are less likely to make purchases that take up room in your closet.

#3, means knowing where to shop to get your best styles and the best quality. Knowing where to shop saves a lot of time. Unless you have a lot of time to spare you won’t want to be wasting time running from store to store. Quality clothing, although it might cost more, will last longer and will hang better. Clothes that hang well are much more figure flattering.

Deciding what to wear in advance and not throwing things together makes dressing effortless. This however takes a little planning. Most people you meet during the day will not remember the specific outfit you wore but the overall impression your look created. And how you look depends on how much time was taken with your wardrobe. Spend the time up front to lessen early morning stress.

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