Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pants That Look Great

Pants That Look Great

No matter what your size there are pants that will look great on you and

pants you should avoid. The problem with finding pants that fit well is

that we are all different. It isn't easy to slot yourself into a category of long

legs or short legs. You might have long legs and a thick waist or

long legs and a short waist. Or you could have short legs and thick thighs

or short legs and slim thighs. 


To find the best pants for you it's best to look at one aspect at a time. For

example, if you have short legs you will first want to find the styles that are

best for short legs. If that's it, then you're finished. If you have also have

large hips you'll want to find styles that are best for short legs and large

hips.  If you have short legs, large hips and a long waist then you have

more considerations. It's a matter of time and perserverance.



Lets look at some pant styles and determine which are best for you.





The Cropped Pant is best suited to those who have long slim legs

and want to make them look a little shorter. Avoid them if you have

short legs or large hips. The cropped style has a tendency to make

legs look shorter and hips look larger.


High Waist Pants:
are perfect for those with a long waist. Your legs can be

large or small as long as your waist is slim and long. These pants will conceal

large thighs and make you look slimmer as long as you aren't carrying weight

around the waist. Usually a Triangle shape.



The Jumpsuit: Is great for those who want to

look slimmer. It will look great on those who are Triangle

shape( larger hips and small bust). If you are really slim,

you'll want to stay away from this style. 




Wide Leg Pants and Vest: This a great style for those who want to look great

and feel comfortable. The head-to-toe color is slimming and is great for the Oval,

Inverted and Hourglass body shapes. It is not flattering for the the Triangle and

Rectangle shapes.

©Copyright2008 Sheila Dicks

Styles from www.anntaylorloft.com and www.spiegel.com.

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  1. I would love to bring the jumpsuit back into style. I moved to Phila, PA from NYC and have small waist, hips and short legs. Am looking for some tailor made clothes but need a pattern to follow. Thanks for the great tips! /