Tuesday, February 26, 2008

7 Fashion Blunders Guaranteed To Age You

1. Frumpy Handbag

When was the last time you bought a new handbag? If it wasn’t this year or last year, your handbag might need an update. Time and time again, women pay little attention to their handbags. They seldom update them or they update their handbag but don’t update their wardrobe.

If you are a busy woman, the last thing on your mind might be your handbag. However, if you want to look stylish pay particular attention to it. Your handbag(s) should coordinate with your outfit and be in proportion to your body size. You know you’re in trouble if your handbag in any way resembles your grandmother’s.

2. Perms

Tight frizzy perms will age you and outdate you in an instant. Keep your hairstyle current and in a style that suits your face shape.

3. Tiny gold chains

Small gold chains are outdated. You may have paid a lot of money for your chain or it might have sentimental value, but if you don’t want to age yourself, put it away. Choose accessories that are more fashionable.

4. Loafers

Loafers may be comfortable and you have probably become attached to them over the years, but let’s face it – they are aging. They pull you back into another decade.

5. Decorative Sweaters

Fancy embroidered sweaters will not only make you appear larger, they will add a few years on your age. Clean your closet and get rid of any such sweaters and replace them with a more fashionable type.

6. Elastic Waist Pants

When was the last time you saw a fashionable woman wearing pants with an elastic waist? The answer to that is, ‘never.” They may be more comfortable if you have gained a little weight – they will make you appear larger and ten years older.

7. Oversized Tops

Many women try to hide their bodies under clothing that is too large, thinking they will look slimmer. The opposite is true. Large shapeless tops will not only make you look bigger they will also make you look matronly. A top that is form fitting (not clingy) that rides over bumps is much younger looking and more slimming.

Pants That Look Great

Pants That Look Great

No matter what your size there are pants that will look great on you and

pants you should avoid. The problem with finding pants that fit well is

that we are all different. It isn't easy to slot yourself into a category of long

legs or short legs. You might have long legs and a thick waist or

long legs and a short waist. Or you could have short legs and thick thighs

or short legs and slim thighs. 


To find the best pants for you it's best to look at one aspect at a time. For

example, if you have short legs you will first want to find the styles that are

best for short legs. If that's it, then you're finished. If you have also have

large hips you'll want to find styles that are best for short legs and large

hips.  If you have short legs, large hips and a long waist then you have

more considerations. It's a matter of time and perserverance.



Lets look at some pant styles and determine which are best for you.





The Cropped Pant is best suited to those who have long slim legs

and want to make them look a little shorter. Avoid them if you have

short legs or large hips. The cropped style has a tendency to make

legs look shorter and hips look larger.


High Waist Pants:
are perfect for those with a long waist. Your legs can be

large or small as long as your waist is slim and long. These pants will conceal

large thighs and make you look slimmer as long as you aren't carrying weight

around the waist. Usually a Triangle shape.



The Jumpsuit: Is great for those who want to

look slimmer. It will look great on those who are Triangle

shape( larger hips and small bust). If you are really slim,

you'll want to stay away from this style. 




Wide Leg Pants and Vest: This a great style for those who want to look great

and feel comfortable. The head-to-toe color is slimming and is great for the Oval,

Inverted and Hourglass body shapes. It is not flattering for the the Triangle and

Rectangle shapes.

©Copyright2008 Sheila Dicks

Styles from www.anntaylorloft.com and www.spiegel.com.

Is Your Hosiery Tying You Up in Knots?

When temperatures drop we need to dig out our hosiery. Since we are almost into the third month of winter you either have your hosiery under control or you are totally frustrated. If you are the type who never thinks about what you will wear the next day you probably, on occasion, have been irritated because you didn’t have the right color hose, the right type or no hose you could wear.
When you organize your hosiery you will never have this problem again. A large part of being well dressed is being organized, starting with your hosiery. Here are a few tips to get your hosiery under control.

1. Take inventory: Get rid of every pair of hose, tights, and socks you don’t wear, is too worn to wear and toss socks that don’t have a match. Make a list of what you need and restock.

2. Separate and Label: Separate your hose by color and store in zip lock bags. Separate your socks and tights by color and style and store in separate bags.

3. Keep the Wrapping: When you find a style of hose you like keep the packaging so you’ll know what to buy next time.

4. Buy the Same Brand: When you buy the same brand of socks and the washer eats them you will always be able to find a buddy for the lost sock.

5. Have Extras: If by some chance you get too busy and your supply gets low or you forget to do a wash, it helps to have extra pairs of hosiery, tights and socks ready.

When it comes to being well-dressed it is also important that you wear hosiery that coordinates with your outfit. Rethink wearing and hosiery that makes your legs stand out, such as bright colors, white or lace. Even though there are times when such hosiery can work, those times are seldom. In most instances wearing this type of hose is not flattering.