Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are You Wearing That?

Casual dressing is often confused with ‘anything goes”. If you haven’t put much thought into it and follow those rules, you may not be looking your best. Dressing casually can be done and done well by following casual dressing guidelines.
Over the past few years casual dressing has been taken to the workplace which makes it particularly important that casual not be tied to sloppy.
Trade in your old jeans, baggy T-shirts and mismatched pieces for a stylish, casual look.
1. Take pride in how you dress no matter where you go. Buy casual clothing with the same care as you buy business clothes. Wear your scruffy clothing only when you are doing outside chores around the house.

2. Wash new T-shirts before you wear them to protect yourself against skin irritations. Get rid of T-shirts when they lose their shape. Fold delicate knitted garments in a cupboard or wardrobe, hanging them will lose their shape.

3. If you are dressing casually make sure you are wearing all casual pieces. For example, a casual outfit calls for a casual handbag and casual footwear. Don’t make the mistake of mixing elements of two styles.

4. Pay attention to proportion. Your shoes and pants should be in proportion with each other. For example, you will wear a different shoe style with a narrow pant than you will wear with wide leg.

5. Wear jogging suits only when you are jogging or exercising. They are not meant for shopping, travelling or weekend wear.

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