Thursday, September 06, 2007

Top 10 Fashion Picks For Fall

Top 10 Fashion Picks For Fall

1. The Vest

The vest is a great to add interest to a pants and skirt

2.The Color Grey

The color grey is very popular this season and can be

spiced up by adding color.

3. The Statement Coat

You will find coats in lots of different prints and

designs this season.

4. Bows

Bows are popular and come in large and small sizes. Don't wear

bows if you have a large bust or double chin.

5. Capes

Capes are very popular and will look best on

those who farirly slender.

6. Full Skirts

Full skirts are worn alone and as part of a suit. Stay away from

them if you have large hips and tummy.


Wearing fur can be fun. Do take into consideration that fur

 will make you appear larger.

look larger.

8. Knits

Knits are big this fall and come in all shapes and sizes. As

with fur, knits tend to add bulk. 

9. Shoes

Shoes are fun and the style changes often. Stacked

heels are still popular for fall.

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