Monday, June 11, 2007

Mens Shoes - How to Recognize Well-Made Shoes

Shoes are a very important part of your wardrobe and say a lot about your sense of style. Well made shoes signal your attention to detail and your appreciation of quality. You can recognize quality shoes by these 4 main elements: Leather, Stitching, Soles and Lining.

Leather: The quality of the shoe’s leather is the most important aspect of a great looking shoe. Good leather is smooth, pliable, and resilient, has a consistent grain and feels nice to touch. Look closely at the feel and the look of the leather before you buy.

Stitching: Stitching should be hidden, unless it is there for decoration purposes. The best quality shoes have stitching that is completely concealed. Exposed stitching signifies poor craftsmanship.

Soles: The soles of shoes should be made of leather and should be attached to the shoe with stitching and not glued. Leather sole thicknesses are different depending on the style of the shoe. The thickness and style shoe you choose depends on personal preference. Good soles are not totally black and if you find a pair that is, check for imperfections it could be painted black to hide flaws.

Lining: Good shoes are lined with high quality calfskin that folds smoothly into the shoe.
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