Thursday, March 29, 2007

Top 10 Fashion Picks For Spring

1. The Nautical Look

The nautical look - red, white and blue always look great together

and this Spring they are trendy. You can add excitement to your

nautical wardrobe by adding an red, white or blue accessory in

patent leater ( another trend this season). This look is most appropriate

for weekend dressing. The office is not a place to be trendy.

2. Wide Pant

Although the slim pant is fashionable this season, it is not a great look for

everyone. The good news is wide leg pants are equally fashionable
and look great on most body shapes. Pair these pants with a

great worn with a shrunken jacket or short top.

3. Pumps and Flats

Pumps and flats are both hot this season. Wear pumps with longer skirts

and dresses and flats with pants and shorter skirts.

4. Metalics

Metalics are still popular and are great to add interest to your wardrobe

in accessories - shoes, handbags and belts. These looks are also best

for after hours.

5. Belts

Wide belts are very popular this season. Worn over big tops or with dresses

they look great. Only wear this look if you have a slim waistline -the wideness

of the belt will make your waist look larger.

6. Geoprint

A geoprint in contrasting colors looks especially great on those that have a
natural dark/light contrast in skin and hair color ( dark hair/light skin).

7. Babydoll

The babydoll look is great to hide a tummy but will make a large busted person

look larger.

8. Trench

The trench coat is definately a classic and this season it is very popular.

Buy one in a neutral color and longer length.You will wear it for years.

9. Pokadots

Pokadots are so refreshing and are fantastic paired with neutrals.

Empire Waist Dresses

The empire waist is great for comfort and is best suited to leisure occasions.

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