Monday, November 27, 2006

How To Conceal A Protruding Tummy

To Conceal a Tummy

Don't: Wear tops tucked in
pleated pants, tight pants or belts.

Do: Wear fitted jackets,
tunic tops and flat front pants.

Do:Wear tops that end just
under your tummy. If the material is clingy don't let it

drape over your tummy (it will make your tummy appear

larger instantly). Stay away from clingy material.

Do: Wear shaped dresses, in a moderately stiff fabric, that
glide over the tummy area.

To Conceal Large Hips

Don't: Wear leggings, patterns,
light colours on the bottom or narrow pants.
Do: Try pants without pleats or pockets
and narrow skirts that are form fitting but not tight.

Do: Wear wide leg pants, with a moderate rise.

You will shop smarter when you:

1. Know the styles that are best for you.

2. Don't buying on impulse

3. Stop buying too many trendy items

4. Shop with your hair done and makeup on. It will

seem that nothing looks good on you if you don't.

5 Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off

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