Monday, November 27, 2006

Syles That Suit Every Body Shape

Have you ever wondered why models are all tall and thin?

It's not because it's more attractive. Actually, studies have

shown that men are attracted to women who have curves

rather than pencil thin women. Designers hire tall thin models

to show their clothes because that body type looks good in all

clothing styles. Designers want their clothes to look as perfect

as possible so they hire models who look great in everything.

In the real world women are different shapes and sizes and

all clothing styles do not look great on most women. That is

why a women who knows how to dress well, also knows her

body type and how to accentuate her assets. No matter

what size or shape you are, you will look one hundred percent

better when you use clothing shapes to your advantage.

There are however, a few and a very few, styles that most

any woman can wear and look great. These are 3 that I chose:

The jacket: This jacket will look great on most body types

because of its length. It's not too long for the petite woman

or too short for a lady with large hips. It has a slimming

effect, but will not minimize the upper body enough to affect

the triangle body shape. The vertical lines are great for the

hourglass, inverted triangle and the oval body shapes.

The Pant: The pant is great to conceal large hips because it

evens out the width at the bottom of the leg. It will conceal

large legs and will add a width for the inverted triangles who

are small at the bottom.

The Skirt: The skirt creates a long line making creating

a look of height. It is great to conceal large hips (in a darker

color and not worn tight) and will even out the inverted

triangle at the very bottom where it has a little flare.

Most styles do not look great on every body shape and these

three are just some of the few. To look your best, take your

body type and your height into account when you shop. You

won't be able to wear all the styles but the styles you can

wear will look amazing.

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How To Conceal A Protruding Tummy

To Conceal a Tummy

Don't: Wear tops tucked in
pleated pants, tight pants or belts.

Do: Wear fitted jackets,
tunic tops and flat front pants.

Do:Wear tops that end just
under your tummy. If the material is clingy don't let it

drape over your tummy (it will make your tummy appear

larger instantly). Stay away from clingy material.

Do: Wear shaped dresses, in a moderately stiff fabric, that
glide over the tummy area.

To Conceal Large Hips

Don't: Wear leggings, patterns,
light colours on the bottom or narrow pants.
Do: Try pants without pleats or pockets
and narrow skirts that are form fitting but not tight.

Do: Wear wide leg pants, with a moderate rise.

You will shop smarter when you:

1. Know the styles that are best for you.

2. Don't buying on impulse

3. Stop buying too many trendy items

4. Shop with your hair done and makeup on. It will

seem that nothing looks good on you if you don't.

5 Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off

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©Copyright2006 Sheila Dicks