Monday, April 10, 2006

How to Dress Attractively for Work

What does ‘dressing attractively’ mean? It means wearing clothing that suits your body type, suits the situation and shows off your assets without looking overdone or unprofessional. When we are dressed attractively we exude confidence because when you look great you feel better.

Very often women feel to look attractive and get attention they must show a little. This may work in some situations but at work if you dress like you are going to a party you will soon lose your credibility and your chance for promotion.

No matter what your body type you can show your assets without showing off. For example, a woman who has an hourglass figure and wants to show her assets and look attractive at work may be tempted to wear tight blouses, tight skirts or low necklines. Although this type of clothing will get lots of attention it is not the type of attention that will move her up in her job.

Some hints to show off curves and gain credibility.

1. Wear styles that are tailored to fit your shape such as jackets and blouses that have structure but are not tight.
2. Wear skirts that end ‘at or just below’ the knee. Stay away from granny looking skirts.
3. Wear wide leg pants to balance the hips.
4. If you have an average hip to waist ratio a belt will define the waist. If the hips are very large in comparison to the waist (more than 10 inches) the hips will look bigger, so avoid wearing a belt.
5. Use color to spice up your look. Tasteful accessories that have color will bring attention. For example, a pretty scarf, interesting jewelry will add to an outfit. To spice up a dark outfit add color with handbags, necklaces and print blouses – not necessarily all at once.

When you learn how to accentuate your positive characteristics you will be more attractive and inviting. It may not be fair but we are judged by how we look. First impressions are created everyday in the first thirty seconds of meeting someone. Make those thirty seconds work for you. Who knows when you will meet your next potential employer, mate or client?

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