Sunday, January 08, 2006

How to Hide the Extra 5 Pounds That Have Crept On During the Holidays

How to Hide the Extra 5 Pounds That Have Crept On During the Holidays

The festive season is winding down but traces of high calorie food and snacks may have crept on your hips and tummy. Hopefully this is not so, but if it is, you might need to hide those pounds before your efforts at the gym begin to pay off. Here are some suggestions:

To hide a protruding tummy avoid belts and choose tops that flow over your middle and end at the hipbone. Tunic tops are a good choice.

Any fabric that is big and bulky, such as wool sweaters, velour, and fur will make you look larger.

Horizontal stripes will also make you appear larger. Keep them away from areas that may have grown in the past several weeks such as the tummy and hip area.

Dress in the same color from head to toe. It does not have to be black; any dark color will do the trick. Try colors such as dark brown, navy or green. Use accessories to spice up your outfit and draw attention away from your problem areas.

Wear your clothes a little loose. Tight clothes not only feel uncomfortable but also make you look larger.

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