Monday, November 28, 2005

Jeans: Finding the Perfect Fit

Jeans are one of the hottest clothing items on the market and are a must-have fashion item. Finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly would be a dream come true for most women but sometimes can be an exercise in frustration. On average women own 7 – 8 pairs of jeans and are usually not satisfied with the comfort or fit of either pair.

For those who do not feel comfortable wearing low-rise jeans, nor look good in them there is some good news - the waists of jeans are rising.

Here are some ideas to find the perfect fit:

1. Realize that finding the perfect jeans could take some time; which means you will have to try a lot of pairs to get a pair that fits you well and you find comfortable. When you decide you’re ready to find the perfect jeans go shopping for that one item only and try as many styles as you can.

2. The sizes of jeans may vary a little from your normal pant size. Don’t despair it’s only a number.

3. To create a longer looking leg, choose dark denim with a long inseam and wear them with pointy-toe boot or shoe.

4. To conceal a large tummy wear jeans that end about one inch below the belly button. Also, a tunic top or shirt that flows over the waist area and ends at the hip will take the attention away from the tummy.

5. To make a flat bottom look more round choose medium rise jeans with back pockets and avoid those with a high rise.

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