Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Having a Great Image

Having a good image and looking great does not mean always wearing the latest fashion, expensive outfits or having the “in” look. It does mean being well put together whether your fashion personality is romantic, sporty, dynamic or classic. Great looking women come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They may have different looks, but they do have one thing in common – they know what clothes look best on them. They know their body shape, the clothes that flatter it; their best hairstyle and they have developed a routine that works. More than simply being appealing to the eye, a well-groomed woman has other characteristic such as:

A pleasing personality – she is always thoughtful of others
She moves gracefully and has good posture
She is very selective of the words she chooses. Not only does she sound elegant, but she speaks positively towards others
She never feels or acts superior; she is very easy to be with
Looking great can be summed up in one word – attitude. A great attitude will take you wherever you want to go, while a bad attitude will stop you in your tracks.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

What You Should Know About Eyebrows

Eyebrows frame your eyes and have a huge effect on how your face looks. For tips on taking care of your eyebrows Click Here

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Secrets of Long Lasting Lipstick

It seems that a common "problem" women have is keeping their lipstick on. I keep getting comments on how my lipstick has "staying power". Here's the secret: When you apply foundation, include your lips, then outline lips with lipliner filling in the whole lip. Apply lipstick, blot and then reapply. These simple techniques will keep you lipstick looking great for hours. Touch up after you eat.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Do your jeans fit?

We all own jeans and they truly are the main ingredient
of any casual wardrobe. However, they are not all equal or
equally flattering. We are not all born with the same shape,
so, the style we wear will impact the way we look. Have you
ever seen an outfit on one of your friends that looked spectacular
but when someone else wore that same outfit it lost its pizzazz?
That has to do with the body shapes of the two people and
sometimes the color of the garment. Both women could be the
same height and weight but have a totally different shape.
The same holds true for jeans. Here are a few hints when
trying to find jeans that will fit and look great on YOU. Read More

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Image Makeovers - What's all the Fuss?

It seems lately that there is a lot of interest in image makeovers. We see it on television from extreme makeovers to home makeovers. What is an Image Makeover? Why do people want makeovers? What will they do for you? Read More...

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